Yes, you read that title right. And no, I haven't been hit on the head recently. In a world where Valentine's Day proposals are often written off as the pinnacle of cheesiness—somewhere up there with public serenades and skywriting love messages—I stand as an unapologetic enthusiast. Why, you ask? Well, let me count the ways. As a photographer who's seen more "Will you marry me?" moments than I've had hot dinners, there's something about Valentine's Day that brings out the most delightfully quirky, wonderfully tacky, and unabashedly romantic gestures. And honestly, I live for it.

They're Predictably Unpredictable

Sure, proposing on Valentine's Day might seem like the most predictable move in the book. But here's the kicker: within that predictability lies a world of unpredictability. You think you've seen it all, and then someone decides to pop the question with a ring hidden inside a chocolate-covered strawberry, only for it to be accidentally eaten. Cue the emergency trip to the X-ray machine—now that's a love story with a twist!

A Feast for the Eyes

(and Camera!)

Valentine's Day proposals are like a buffet for a photographer. The decorations alone are a riot of reds and pinks, hearts and flowers, and enough glitter to make a unicorn jealous. And the facial expressions? Priceless. From the jaw-dropping surprise to the occasional "I knew it!" smirk, capturing these moments is the gift that keeps on giving.

The Stories Are Gold

Every photographer loves a good backstory, and Valentine's Day proposals come loaded with narratives that are comedy, drama, and fairy tale rolled into one. There's the couple who got engaged in a heart-shaped hot air balloon (only to be briefly interrupted by a fear of heights), or the pair who lost the ring in a sea of rose petals. These stories become the stuff of legend, retold at dinner parties and used as cautionary tales for future proposers.

Embracing the Tackiness

Let's be honest, there's an inherent tackiness to Valentine's Day that can't be ignored. But in that tackiness, there's also a kind of beauty—a willingness to embrace the cliché and go all out in the name of love. As someone who spends their days looking for the perfect shot, there's something incredibly refreshing about the unabashed effort people put into making their Valentine's proposal unique. It's like watching a live-action rom-com unfold but with better lighting and no need for retakes.

The Happy Endings

Above all, what makes Valentine's Day proposals my favourite is the sheer joy of the happy endings. Yes, they might be predictable. Yes, the whole thing is drenched in more saccharine sweetness than a box of Valentine's chocolates. But at the end of the day, it's a celebration of love. And in a world that could always use a bit more love, I'm here for it—camera in hand, ready to capture every gloriously tacky, heartwarmingly romantic moment.

So, to all the Valentine's Day sceptics, I say: embrace the cheese, enjoy the spectacle, and maybe, just maybe, you'll find yourself cheering for love in all its wonderfully tacky glory. After all, in the realm of love, isn't a little bit of cheese just part of the charm?